Thursday, March 4, 2010

oh so beachy! (a sneak peek)

I'm definitely a beach girl! I know, I know...I live HOURS from the beach. But, once upon a time, I lived right there, practically on the sand. I love the smell of the water, the crisp ocean air, the sand in my flip-flops, the powerful yet peaceful crash of the waves, the amazing way the ocean goes on forever until it melts into the sky (need I go on?).

This new piece is for anyone who adores the beach like I do. A sterling silver oval is hand stamped with "beach girl" (can be customized as you wish, of course). A chunky piece of turquoise sea glass hangs with a fresh water pearl and sand dollar charm. So cute!


Anonymous said...

i love the idea of using the beach glass! awesome!

Julie Campbell said...


Maureen said...

Very cute! Love it!!