Monday, March 1, 2010

cool custom monograms

Monograms are classy custom items that make a great gift for anyone! My personalized monogram jewelry is high quality .925 sterling silver and totally customizable!


Aislinn said...

Just saw your esty shop and fell in love!! I am asking for a necklace fro my birthday from my husband and if he doesn't get it I will do it for me anyway!! LOL, Very nice work and I will follow you from now on!!

Lace said...

My people are falling in love with your jewelry today, lady!

I asked them to take a look at your shop and tell me what they were liking, so you can have a look see if you want to see what they're all saying!

Julie Campbell said...

Aislinn, thank you! I will be HAPPY to make you something for your birthday! Give your husband a strong hint, like the link to your favorite piece! ;)

Lacey, I have been looking...such sweet comments on your blog! Thanks!