Monday, July 12, 2010

sending love to baby Cohen {and family}

This past spring I met Megan Marshall through a special necklace her friends ordered for her through my shop. See it HERE. I began to follow her blog and Cohen’s story. Visit her blog and read Cohen's story HERE. Like thousands of others my life and heart were touched by Megan and her sweet Cohen. I am grateful that Megan and Brent share so much of their lives with us, the readers, and that they shared Cohen’s journey on Earth. I am inspired and uplifted by their love and faith. When baby Cohen passed my heart broke for them and I longed to help in some way. Sometimes there just aren’t words that help or heal. I believe that God is watching over their family and prayers are the best gifts I can offer.

I will be donating 30% of the profit from my shop from July 10-31 to Cohen's Memorial Trust, a fund set up for Cohen and used for medical expenses. No promo code necessary, just order & 30% will go directly to the Marshall family through Cohen’s Memorial Trust.

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